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Bud Striegel - Owner of Rangely Auto Museum


Bud Striegel is the founder of the Rangely Automotive Museum. Striegel began collecting cars at only 12 years of age when he was motivated by the inexpensive cost.


He remembers cars costing as little as $2 at the time, often purchasing them with the earnings he made from selling pop bottles to the local bar.   “When one broke down, we just left it where it was and started picking up more bottles: it was a good time to be a kid.” he said.


After developing his love of cars, Striegel was inspired to try fixing them up. He quickly discovered that wool army blankets were a cheap substitute for upholstery and that a car could be painted with the equipment normally used to spray DDT.


He has since restored over 70 cars using much more advanced equipment and techniques.


A breathtaking collection of automobiles.

Some in original condition and some restored with passion.

Behind restorations : Kelsey Peters (left) and Rick Sherman (right)
Pictured, Right Rick Sherman - Autobody and Paint Specialist,
and Left Kelsey Peters - Metal Fabrication and Custom Paint/Body Technician
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